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my drawing is finally finished!!
Finally, after spending one year just to make this picture....

i finished it today. i have to celebrate it. ^_^

why am i so happy? because i had problem with my eyes...yes i`m kind of Color blind (not the permanent one though) so it was little hard for me to choose the color of the yukatas.
Plus!! i can`t just pick whatever color i want! the color i choose must match with the character`s personality, hair, skin color, and with eyes. 0_0
the hardest one was coloring the Obi......i can`t use the same color i used....

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hahaha gak juga sep...ini aja aku kerjainnya LELEEEET bgt!! parah deh pokoknya..
tapi tetep aja ngerasa i`m really not good at this...

oh it's so pretty ^-^ I really like it :)

U sure spent a lot of time & efforts on it ♥

Omedetou on finishing ^-^

thank you so much!!
and yes, i did spend a lot of time.. hahahaha
but worth it. ^_^

hahaha motif nya itu yang bikin aku mumeeet...
harus cari di majalah2 nyari yang up to date....

aku br sadar klo km ternyata org indo stelah ngecek profil km bbrp hari lalu, jd mulai skrg bhs indo-an aja yak xD

wah, buta warna? tp koq ga permanen itu maksudnya gmn?
warnanya bagus bgt!

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